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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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juuo J./WUIWM 01 ivciuuu - i» ucnu ••mgui.y-n vo years oia j fiho was a yoar oldor than hor lafo King. Her vichoe woro imnumHo ; hut I boliovo my Lord (jhoBtorfiold •will got nothing by hor doath but IU'H wifo fi : nho livod in tho houno with tho Ihu'huHH, whcro ho had playod away all his credit.
Hough ", tho good old lUahop of Woreustor, is dead too. I havo boon looking at tho Father* in (hd that have boon Hocking ovor tho way HUB morning to Mr. Polhara, who is JUHJ, comn to bin now IIOUHO. Thin IH absolutely tho minis-Uirinl ntroot : ( 'artort't him a houw» horo too ; and Lord Bath HOUJUK to luivo hint IUH chuiu'o by quitting this Btroot. Old Marlliorottp;h has nwdti u K<n>d fitory of tlio latter ; aho says, that whon ho found ito could not got tho Privy Heal, ho hogged (hat at hum! thoy would oflfor it to him, and upon hi« honour ho would not act-opt it, but would pload hie vow of novor taking a plan* ; in which n\w Hayn thoy luimouftul him, Thn truth in, Lord C-artorot did hint an offor to him, upon which ho wont with a wit) ei>isMYpuri to tho King— ho bomu-otl, and nivid, 'Why, I novor oHVrod it to you': upon which ho recommended my Lord (Inrlwlo, with («j[uul HUCCOHH.
•ftist )>i(fc>r(t tho King wont, ho n.skoil my Lord Cartcu'ot, 'Woll, wh<-n uin I to got rid of UIOHO followH in tho TwiHuryV They ur<« on HO !<>w a foot, that Homobody waid HandyH iuul hmul a atjuid of hacknoy-coaohoH, to look liko a lovtM'.
Lord (Jonway luw hoggod mo to wmd you a comminsion, which you will obligo nu> much by oxwmting. It iH to Bond him Ihroo Pihtoia bnrn'ln for gunn: two of thorn, of two
v«»n Hfhu-       WnljHttt.— Hh«
,   lutohmui  <>f      iHt«n«l Ut IKS tko
«•« K)wr»teln,          « John Jlough (tOBl-17iB),
foroMr mi*trt»&t>( (lattrisu 1.                    «!' Wwrocntsr, syeokicl by Jfumin H
8 MwlttSJrm fcU'lwtomlwriih, Ottuu-      fr«»m thw l'r««ld(vuny of MwgtUUwi
tern «f Wft.l«U»Kltwtt, iilotM «if feh«      OtiHdtfu, Oxford, iu 10U7 ; rtMborttd iu Ketidiil, iwnit her Ji«lr*w.